Keeping Ouessants

Ouessants - tiny sheep with huge characters - are the ideal choice for first-time sheep-keepers.  Their small size and friendly temperament make them very easy to handle. Many owners in the UK use them to keep the grass down in paddocks or orchards without the damage caused by larger animals. And their size also makes them suitable for smaller areas; subject to the quality of the grazing.

Ouessants, like all sheep, need to be checked regularly, keeping their water topped up and ensuring that they are not caught up in fencing.  They must be sheared once a year and hooves checked and trimmed when necessary.  A regular worm count will alert you to the need to treat any internal parasites. 

As a primitive breed, Ouessants do not usually require food supplements, although they enjoy an occasional ‘treat’.  Hay and sheep feed may be necessary if grazing is poor in winter, and a copper-free mineral lick should be available to ensure that they have essential nutrients.

They are very hardy - only a simple shelter is required - and less susceptible to the ailments and problems of many commercial breeds.  Lambing is usually straightforward and Ouessants almost always give birth to single lambs.  More advice on Health, Welfare and Lambing is available to members in the Resources area of the website.