Follow the link below to access the

When prompted enter your OSS membership number and password, and the Flock Book will open to a list of all your sheep.  Click on the menu  top right to manage your animals or update your personal details.


The flock book is also available on the GRASSROOTS MOBILE APP

The Grassroots Mobile App provides you with all your own animal details, in your pocket, even when you have no internet or mobile access. You can add photos and notes on each of your sheep. When connected, you can register births, deaths, transfers and all other flock transactions while 'on the go'.

The app is free for the first month, and then a small charge of £1.99 per month or £14.99 for the year is charged by the developer, not the Society. You can download the Grassroots Mobile App from the Appstore or Google Playstore - just search for 'Grassroots'. Create an App User Name and password, then sync the details of all the animals you own using your normal OSS Member No and password.