Extraordinary General Meeting

The Society held an Extraordinary General Meeting on Sunday 4th July, to receive a proposal from the Committee that the Society should adopt a new constitution, in order to allow the Society's incorporation as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and registration with the Charity Commission.

The meeting ratified the result of an online secret ballot, which approved the proposal by 68 votes to 2, a majority in favour of 97%.  The application to the Charity Commission will now go ahead and this page will be kept updated.   If you have any queries about the process, please email


The text of the proposed new Constitution may be found here.

Key Points

Why must the Society register as a Charity?

Any charity which has over £5,000 income per year must register with the Charity Commission.  The commission will take action to secure compliance if it identifies a charity which isn’t registered but should be.  Last year the Society's income was £5,427.  There has been some suggestion on social media that, by reducing its income next year, the Society could delay the need to register but this is not correct.  Once the threshold has been triggered registration is mandatory, even if income then falls back below £5,000.