The Board will recommend to the AGM that, in the light of the Society's healthy financial position, full subscriptions should be further reduced for 2023, with significant discounts offered for renewals by Direct Debit.  



Subscriptions are due for renewal from 1st January and members will receive an email reminder after the AGM.  The proposed discount structure has been changed to encourage the members to pay by Direct Debit as this saves the Society both time and money.  The discounted rates for Society members renewing their subscriptions will therefore be £7.50 for Associate Members (down from £8 in 2022) and £15 for Full Members (£18 in 2022).  No changes to registration fees are proposed. 



Members Joining

Associate Members

From 1 January                                                                 £12             £9 if paid by Direct Debit

From 1 July                                                                       £8               £5 DD

Full Members

from 1 January                                                                  £25             £20 DD

from 1 July                                                                        £15             £10 DD

Members Renewing

Associate Members                                                        £10             £7.50 DD 

Full Members                                                                  £20             £15 DD


Transfers of Ownership                                                No Charge

Birth Notifications                                                         No Charge

Kinship Reports                                                            No Charge



In year of Birth                                                             £5 (£4 online)

Late Registrations                                                       £10 (£8 online)

Annex Registrations                                                   £10


Previously birth notified up to Age 3                        £15 (£12 online)

Late Registrations                                                      £30 (£24 online)

Annex Registrations                                                  £25


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