The Board recommended to the AGM that, in the light of the Society's healthy financial position, full membership subscriptions should be reduced for 2022, and significant discounts offered for prompt renewals online.  

Subscriptions are due for renewal from 1st January and members will receive an email reminder and a link to the subscription management site,  Please follow the instructions to renew and, if you haven't already done so, please consider setting up a Direct Debit, as this saves the Society both time and money (just select 'Pre-authorise future payments' and pay by bank transfer).   Please pay promptly - members renewing online by 31st January will receive the discounts shown below - and help to reduce the administrative overheads of sending reminders.  If you do not wish to renew, please let us know.

Registration fees are unchanged, except the fee for rams, which has been increased.  The Society strongly recommends that ram lambs should not be registered until they are old enough for their owners to assess their quality and breeding potential.  Please birth notify ram lambs (free of charge) in their year of birth and then only register those that you intend to breed from.  

The full list of rates of subscription and fees for 2022 is as follows:


Associate Members                                                         £10

Full Members Joining

from 1 January                                                                  £25

from 1 July                                                                        £15

Renewals   Members renewing online by the 31st of January will pay the following discounted rates:

Associate Members                                                          £8

Full Members                                                                   £18


Transfers of Ownership                                                No Charge

Birth Notifications                                                         No Charge

Kinship Reports                                                            No Charge



In year of Birth                                                             £5 (£4 online)

Late Registrations                                                       £10 (£8 online)

Imports and Annex                                                      £10


Previously birth notified up to Age 3                        £15 (£12 online)

Late Registrations                                                      £30 (£24 online)


Author: OSS

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