Join the Society

Society Members have access to the online Flock Book to check the pedigree of sheep and are able to register births, deaths and transfers, and to advertise sheep for sale or hire.  Contact other members or chat with them on the members' Facebook group.  The members' area of the website contains a growing list of resources to support Ouessant owners, covering health, welfare and the legal requirements for keeping sheep.

Full membership of the Society is £20 but this is reduced to £18 for those paying by Direct Debit.  Renewals are currently £20 per annum (£18 by Direct Debit).  Associate membership, which includes all the above benefits, less the ability to register sheep, is just £10 (£8 by Direct Debit) and is ideal for those interested in the breed but who do not yet own Ouessants.

To join the Society please follow the link below and complete the online form.  If you'd like any further information, please follow the 'Contact Us' link above.



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