Calling ALL Members In The North West!

Exciting news… the society is pleased to announce that the Trawden Show in east Lancashire will be the first show in the UK to have dedicated breed classes for Ouessants through negotiation with the OSS! 

The classes will be for OSS members  and sheep registered in the flock book.  The show will be held on Sunday 11 August and although the 2024 schedules have to yet be released the schedule entry will be as follows:- 


New for 2024

We would like to welcome members of the Ouessant  Sheep Society to Trawden Show in 2024.

The following are classes for Ouessant sheep registered or eligible for registration with the society in the hands of breed society members.

RB 15   Ram, over twelve months of age

RB 16   Ram lamb

RB 17   Ewe, over twelve months of age

RB 18   Ewe lamb

RB 19   Group of three animals  (one male, two female to have been shown in their respective classes)

Championship : first prize winners from classes RB 15 to RB 18 to be brought forward for the breed championship to receive champion and reserve champion rosettes.

Kate Cox, our rep for the North West would love some support from members; so now is the time to consider whether you’d like to have a go at showing your Ouessants. She would love to see some members come along and show support too, as this is the first time Ouessants have their own dedicated breed classes.  

Kate says “I know that so far there are at least two other members possibly three planning on going as well as me, none of us has shown sheep before, and I suspect we may need to try to encourage others who haven’t shown before to give it a go emphasising that it is a small relaxed low key type of show, and we are all in it together!”

More information on the show is on the website

If you would like to talk to Kate about potentially showing your sheep and what it involves, please drop her an email at:

This is a fab opportunity and we really look forward to updating members with news and photos in the newsletter later in the year.